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Can pie change your life?

Ask Harry Smith…

McDonald's strawberry and creme pie“Our new Strawberry & Crème Pie comes pretty close.

It is, simply put, just that good, but it is only available for a limited time.

Flaky warm crust with sugar sprinkles on top surrounding strawberry and crème flavored filling.

The two sweet fillings are a special combination of deliciousness.

Perfect with orange juice or coffee for breakfast.

A good way to finish off lunch, dinner or as an in between meal snack.

The Strawberry & Crème Pie.
So good.

Once you try it, you’re going to have to call and tell someone about it.

It could change your life, but only for a limited time.”

Harry Smith- McDonald’s Owner/Operator in the great state of IndianaHarry Smith is a McDonald’s Owner/Operator in the great state of Indiana.

Douglass High School essay writers in Oklahoma City win laptops for Black History Month

Three students at Douglass High School were surprised with laptops Thursday in honor of Black History Month.

Local owners of McDonald’s restaurants honored the winners of the Black McDonald’s Owners Association Black History Month Essay Contest. Students wrote essays about how Black History Month affects the community.

Read the full article: http://newsok.com/douglass-high-school-essay-writers-in-oklahoma-city-win-laptops-for-black-history-month/article/3763426