Harlem McDonald’s Franchisee Encourages Students’ College Dreams

All Day Breakfast and the Best Biscuit Maker

Under the leadership of Owner Marc O’Ferrall, The O’Ferrall Management Group held their first scratch-made biscuit competition in Columbus, Mississippi. According to O’Ferrall, “Our biscuit makers know that quality is paramount and they’re putting our high standards into practice for our customers every day.”

Customers judged the competition and enjoyed a free biscuit. The competing biscuit makers not only competed for bragging rights and the Best Biscuit Maker title, but also a chance to win a $400 prize and two days off with pay!

For her hands down best biscuit making skills, Jill Mann won the Grand Prize.


This Boss Lady Owns 12 McDonald’s Restaurants

Denise Bentham’s path to success was a unique one to say the least.

Though it wasn’t part of the master plan, Bentham, along with her husband, Steve, is the owner of 12 McDonald’s restaurants in Houston.

The dream, she says, was all her husband’s. The two had met as young adults working in a McDonald’s in Bronx, New York. He was a cook and she worked the front counter…

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