Message from the Chair

It is my pleasure to serve as the Chairman and CEO of the National Black McDonald’s Operators Association. As I enter my second year as Chair, I reflect on the importance and the accomplishments of this great organization.

THIS IS WHO WE ARE: We are now in our 4th decade, and the NBMOA remains the largest organization of established African American entrepreneurs in the world. We continue to be recognized as the largest dues-paying organization of African American millionaires on the planet. We are a blessed and unique fraternal organization of African Americans who are invested in the long-term growth and development of our business and each other.

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE: The history of the NBMOA includes break-through progress in the face of enormous challenges. We were born out of an historic civil rights movement. We combined our voices to ask for what was needed. We helped a corporate giant realize the importance of African American consumers and communities who happily support our business when they know that we include, respect and support them. We have been great partners to McDonald’s Corporation and to other organizations, working hard for mutual growth, knowing that a rising tide lifts all boats.

THIS IS WHAT WE MUST CONTINUE TO DO: We continue to face challenges that reflect some of the insensitivities, unbalanced resources, segregated and unequal conditions that were faced over 40 years ago. My parents taught me that “nothing worthwhile is easy;” and “good work begets more work!” We have lots of work to do. We must be smart and shrewd as we address impediments to our individual and cooperative success. We must ensure that we have “aces in all the right places.” We must ensure that emotions never overpower our intelligence. We must stand strong together and not lose sight of the prize!

I commit to each member of the National Black McDonald’s Operators Association that 2018 will be a year of planning and working for more success, in the spirit of our 2018 theme, “Unified and Paying It Forward.”

Lanny Sumpter
Chair and CEO