Black Remains Golden

The National Black McDonald’s Operators Association (NBMOA) remains the largest organization of established African American entrepreneurs in the world. We remain a dynamic and dominant organization.

A Message From Our Chairman

Standing Strong.  Staying Strategic and Stellar.

Larry C. Tripplett
Chairman and CEO NBMOA

Please know that I’m honored to once again serve as Chairman of the NBMOA. Many thanks to the Officers and Members for their support. Without the support of our Members we would not be able to continue to make positive strides forward.

The National Black McDonald’s Operators Association (NBMOA) is a 47 year old Organization dedicated to ensuring that African American McDonald’s Owners are fully engaged in all of the benefits associated with owning McDonald’s restaurants.

The NBMOA goal is the complete integration of NBMOA members, African American Employees and Vendors into the McDonald’s system. The NBMOA also works diligently to make sure that McDonald’s fully engage the African American community in a respectful and positive manner.

We will work collaboratively with McDonald’s to help build the McDonald’s brand by making sure they recognize the importance of African Americans in the overall success of McDonald’s. We do recognize that McDonald’s ownership is an opportunity we must maximize.

The NBMOA is one of the most successful trade associations in the country. We are dedicated to ensuring that we work together to continue to move forward with our goals to make the McDonald’s brand shine by continuing to fully integrate African American at all levels. We recognize that when we move together we will move farther.

The NBMOA will continue to strive to make a real positive contribution. We look forward to a bright future.


Larry C. Tripplett
Chairman and CEO NBMOA

The year 2019 represents 400 years since the first Africans were forcibly brought to this country and inhumanly and brutally forced into slavery. What followed was 246 years of brutal involuntary servitude. After emancipation in 1865 what followed was another 100 years of quasi slavery commonly referred to as “Jim Crow” laws. This shows that since our ancestors arrived in America 400 years ago, 346 of those years we were legally excluded from the American dream. Given what has happened in the past we must strive to make constant improvement. We owe this to the unfortunate pain and suffering of our Ancestors.

-Larry Tripplett



Celebrating Our Own

Vicky Chancellor is the 1st African American Chairperson of the McDonald’s Operators’ National Advertising Fund. She was elected to this position by the national body of McDonald’s franchisees.

A Golden Anniversary

On December 21, 1968, Herman Petty became the first African American to own a McDonald’s franchise. McDonald’s partnership with Herman Petty opened doors and gave hope to a generation of ambitious African American businessmen and women seeking a piece of the American Dream. During 2019, the NBMOA celebrates 50 years of McDonald’s partnership with African American franchisees.

The NBMOA welcomes new leadership that has risen from inside our ranks. In today’s business and political environments, leadership requires courage, empathy, vision, strategic prowess and a significant business acumen.